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Why do I have sewage smell coming from my drains?

It could be a number of things, but the mostly likely cause is that the p-trap area is dry, which allows for foul odors to flow from the main sewer line back into your home.
Updated: 02/08/2016
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Answer: Might not have peetraps or trap primers or need add water
Answer: It was improperly installed there should be a P-trap on the drain thus preventing sewer smells.
Wright Trades of NE Fl
Answer: This usually indicates a broken vent line or seal somewhere throughout the property.
Answer: Need water in your traps on your sinks
Western Piping & Supply
Answer: There could be many possibilites of why your getting a foul odor coming out of your drains. It could simply be from the soap your using. Believe it or not it will rot causing odors. We do have products that can be induced into the drain that will help restore the inside of the pipe breaking down anything growing inside the pipe removing the odors.
SDL Plumbing Inc.
Answer: This could be caused by the line not being properly vented. People should understand that they have so many different things that go through their lines daily ( food, soap, grease, and human waste so it can tend to have a smell after a while.
PAYLO Plumbing
Answer: Properly installed drains be it sink, shower, lavatory, floor drain have a P-trap that holding water that creates a seal keeping sewer gases from coming back in the structure. If a drain is not used regularly, the water evaporates creating a direct path to the city sewer where pressure changes constantly and sometimes sewer gases back up in the structure. Floor drains are notorious for that. simply pour water in the drain regularly and the problem is solved. Commercial floor drain are equipped with a "trap primer" keeping the drain full constantly whether it is used or not.
Plumbing Zone, Inc.
Answer: Your sewer line may be blocked
Jafco Sewer Repair
Answer: Sewage smell can occur when there's improper drainage caused by a stoppage (roots/breaks/etc). There's a way of finding out for certain what's going on in the line and that is with a sewer camera inspection.
Clog Pro Plumbing
Answer: It could be from either not having a P-trap installed (as i recently encountered) or it could be that there is not proper venting on the drain lines
DripDrop LLC
Answer: Possible you don't have a p-trap to stop the gases from entering the room. Or you could have some sludge stuck to the walls of the drain pipe up stream of the p-trap collecting bad smelling bacteria that floats into the rooms air. Take apart the pipe before the p-trap and clean it out well to remove the smell.
Plumbing Professionals
Answer: There is no water in the pee trap or a broken line
APEX Plumbing Co
Answer: Could be bad ventilation
A Team Excavation
Answer: There may be a venting issue with your sewer line or just built up of waste on the inside of the pipe. A video inspection may be required.
Answer: The P Traps are dry in most cases
Peace of Mind Plumbing LLC
Answer: Probably a venting issue
Answer: This can often be because of a leak in a line caused by a crack. Sometimes this can be caused by not having a p-trap in the line. Sometimes this can be caused by drains not being used enough and the water drying out or evaporating from a p-trap which will allow sewer gasses to escape.
Company name here
Answer: Most likely it is because the drain is dry, either it has dried out, is improperly vented or there is a break in the trap.
APSCO Professional Service Company
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